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by Sarah on Thursday, 11 August 2016

Recently, I have purchased four pairs of pants which will make up the core of my wardrobe, at least for the bottom half. As someone who often lives in jeans/trousers buying quality trousers is a smart choice. These four classic pairs of jeans/trousers can be dressed up for the office or down for the weekend. 

Having always admiring the aesthetic of A.P.C. but never actually having the opportunity to wear them, it was interesting to see if the fit and quality holds up over time. Now, I have acquired these items as well as a beautifully cut blue striped shirt from the brand. Indeed, it seems the quality and fit is exceptional and the cut elevates the simplest of outfits - giving it a perfectly undone but never sloppy feel.

I currently have my eye on an A.P.C. trench coat on Ebay but that will have to wait. As until recently a student, with the student lifestyle to match, buying very expensive clothes was a little out of my reach - I generally acquired the things I collected e.g. secondhand Isabel Marant, and a small Mulberry Bayswater through weeks or months of saving.

One thing, I began to notice was that these clothes were the ones I have worn again and again and seemingly never tire of as the seasons pass. They fit seamlessly into my wardrobe adding a insouciance which I hope will last for many more seasons to come.

 In fact, my most expensive purchases - the ones I agonised over the most and really had to think about, have mostly become my favourite pieces. Items which have been worn again and again.

 It is the cheap throwaway things acquired from thrift shops and fast fashion shops which have sometimes lead to wasteful consumption. Things bought for less than a standard lunch or cheaper... can't be good for the planet or the people who made it.

I believe that buying 'better' has led to more thoughtful consumption and allowed me to consider each and every purchase - even when most of my expensive clothes have been purchased via secondhand stores, consignment shops and Ebay, they generally have been far better quality than the price point of what I could afford new in store

The long story short is, that these four pairs of pants, as shown in garçonne will be a part of my wardrobe for seasons to come.

This process of 'shopping' is something I want to continue when looking at purchasing items for my wardrobe - not only will I have better quality clothes (hopefully!) in the long run, but it will mean making less mistakes and actually wearing what I buy! Definitely hasn't always been the case.

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