At Home.

by Sarah on Saturday, 2 July 2016

As a recent graduate who is making the shift from student to working life, the more hectic pace of life has forced me to evaluate how I spend my downtime (read: just how much time do I waste online).

In our modern lives of studies, work, family, friends and everything else we have to do, time spent alone, to recharge our batteries can fall by the wayside. The hundreds of emails in inboxes, the long meetings, tight deadlines, perpetual lack of time and our increasingly fragmented time filled with a constant steam of information and platforms means we are often stressed and time poor – busyness is the default setting today. 

A move away from the less structured student lifestyle to working life has meant that I am beginning to appreciate days at home as a way to reboot over the weekends. 

I am quite content to spend time at home. 

There's nothing I like better than pulling on a pair of vintage Levi's and an oversized cashmere jumper and lazing the day away by listening to music, reading, watching old and new movies as a way to relax while a candle is burning away. 

The article celebrates 'the idler' as a way to take back our sense of self in a world of constant connectivity. We are constantly seeking. Moments of downtime are spent checking emails, Facebook, instagram and wikipedia-ing things which popped into our heads (or is this just me?).

This constant stream of information and content competing for space and time can be draining. Perhaps a lazy weekend 'doing nothing' can be the perfect way to recharge and find inspiration.

I will be making a concerted effort to unplug - social media free Sunday perhaps? 

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