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by Sarah on Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Top five skincare products

Top five skincare products by anouk-rocher featuring black picture frames

Skincare is the foundation of style in my view. Its one of those things that can be forgotten. This is particularly true when you have troublesome skin. As a teenager, I was often plagued by red spots, pigmentation and dark spots. 

I have realised the importance of looking after my skin, and while I am a sucker for pretty packaging and apothecary style products, I should do my best to remember that plenty of healthy food, less sugar and fatty products, sleep, meditation (to combat stress) and exercise will do more than fancy products ever will. 

Part of the attraction to developing a skincare routine is that it feels like such a lovely way of self-care. It's about taking the time to set aside a few minutes to cleanse your skin and take care of it in a holistic kind of way.  

My skincare routine is as follows:

I wake up (ideally after 7-8 hours) drink a big glass of warm water with a lemon, wash my face Khiel's Ultra Facial Cleanser before moisturising with Malin+Goetz vitamin e moisturiser (this was a free sample but I am thinking about investing in some). I then apply make up as needed.

My night time routine is slightly more intensive, possibly because after long day I look forward to a little self care. Firstly, I wash  and moisturise my face as above but before I sleep I put a few drops of the Khiel's Midnight Oil either alone or into my moisturise. Additionally, I sometimes use a few drops of the Khiel's dark spot remover as I find that it helps my clarify my skin and minimise darkspots and pigmentation.

Once a week I like to use a mask - sometimes I use the Khiel's Turmeric and Cranberry seed or if my skin is dry I make up a concoction of banana, honey and oats and slather that on my face. I also am a big fan of the Antipodes Skin balm.

I am not sure if this helps, but when I am so inclined I make a ginger, turmeric, honey and cinnamon tea to sip - its tasty and a lovely way to wind down as well as maybe being good for you!

But as above, a healthy lifestyle goes a long way in getting and maintaining clear skin. When I eat healthy, get lots of sleep, do daily yoga, drink lots of water and limit my intake of sweets and alcohol (the sweets is tough for me), it really does show up in my skin.

The moral of the story seems to be if you want good skin - live boringly! 


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