How to buy less stuff

by Sarah on Saturday, 16 July 2016

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Lately I have been ruminating on 'less is more' kind of style. It is actually a journey that I have been on for a few years now since I first began to explore my style and the kind of wardrobe that I wanted to curate. There were always a few things on my wishlist:  the ultimate Isabel Marant coat or the perfect blue APC shirt for instance.

I now have many of the things which I wanted when I first began - a good quality coat (The IM was  on my wish list for ages - finally got it from a consignment store for a steal), the perfect pair of suede ankle boots, the vintage wool camel coat,  and a few things to keep my wardrobe from being too basic. My goal when I started this journey - More than two years ago, was to curate a collection of items which fit with my lifestyle - owning quality clothes and making less superfluous purchases and making it simpler to 'get up and go' in the morning.

I believe I have managed to obtain my idea of a quality wardrobe - but shock horror - I am still enamoured with the chase of finding the perfect x or the perfect that.  Obviously, this has to stop and I need to replace the notion of finding the perfect clothes with other things - because there are far worthier pursuits out there non? I believe one of the hardest things is training yourself not to go looking for clothes. As someone who is interested in clothes and style this is harder than it sounds. I know that when you have expanded time and energy into curating The Perfect Wardrobe - well what then?

As a result, I am trying to wean myself off buying needless purchases and go looking for new items (i.e. shopping!) After all, there are so many more worthy things to purchase - a good meal, travelling (which I am saving up for), art galleries and more experiential purchases.

So how to buy less crap? I thought a five step program might be in order for me - at least until the habit of seeking new items holds less sway.

  1.  refrain from entering stores/consignment shops (duh)
  2. shop your own wardrobe i.e. look for new ways to wear items to mix it up
  3. put money that would be spent into savings account
  4. focus more on experiential purchases rather than the material
  5. there is more to life than buying! 

I realise that these ramblings are a little strange, but I am sure with so many people focussing on not only obtaining the Perfect Wardrobe, the 5 Piece Wardrobe (something I am interested in), it can be a little hard to refrain from looking for the next thing and making endless wish lists.

The above list should hopefully give me room to pause and put time, money and effort into other more fulfilling things


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